Migration map

Our ambition for Leeds is to be a welcoming and compassionate city with a strong economy. We recognise migrant communities are valuable contributors to the city’s economy, culture and diversity and Leeds aspires to ensure they are welcomed and supported. With this ambition in mind Leeds City Council has been working in partnership with statutory, third sector and community groups to strengthen the citywide approach to new and existing communities in Leeds. This has led to the development of a ‘Strategic, Co-ordinated and Inclusive Approach to Migration in Leeds’. Our vision is that:

‘Leeds is a welcoming, supportive and compassionate city for new and existing communities, a place where they feel safe and connected; their contributions are valued and celebrated; and individuals, families and communities can reach their full potential’.

Within this remit, the Leeds Migration Map was created to improve service providers understanding of population changes and trends at localised levels and support them in meeting the needs of a diversifying city. Using various open datasets this interactive map illustrates patterns and trends in recent and settled migrant communities as well as providing some wider context to the areas in which these communities are residing.

The map will be updated annually in August.

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This map has been created by Qamran Hussain (Senior Data Analyst, Qamran.Hussain@leeds.gov.uk)  in partnership with Samantha Powell (Leeds Migration Support Coordinator, Samantha.Powell@leeds.gov.uk)